FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do ALPINA offer any aftermarket tuning or modifications to increase the power of BMW automobiles?

ALPINA, as a manufacturer, only sell complete factory built automobiles. ALPINA do not offer any aftermarket kits, tuning chips or modifications. ALPINA strongly advise against chip tuning which may negatively affect the life span of the engine and other components. Any aftermarket engine modification voids the balance of the BMW ALPINA automobile warranty.

Where can I get my BMW ALPINA serviced?

Please visit Munich Automobiles BMW Service Centre at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent for all BMW ALPINA service and warranty-related matters.

Is it possible to visit the ALPINA factory in Buchloe or take part in a factory tour?

Unfortunately we are currently not able to offer factory tours or visits of any kind.

May I purchase my BMW ALPINA automobile directly from ALPINA in Germany?

BMW ALPINA automobiles are only sold through Authorised BMW ALPINA Dealerships.

What is the warranty period on a BMW ALPINA automobile?

All BMW ALPINA automobiles for Singapore carry a three-year / up to 100,000 km warranty.
Automobiles supplied to Singapore also come with BMW Emergency Service